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A Solution For Everything

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Ultimate Casting & Machine LLC has an in-house non-ferrous foundry that is capable of producing aluminum, brass, bronze and copper castings, as well as gray and ductile iron castings.

Our Foundry can produce these sand castings in a range of size from 1oz to 300lbs. We can also accommodate anything from a single prototype to moderately sized, high production runs.

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Machine Shop

Ultimate Casting & Machine LLC has a complete in-house Machine Shop that specializes in boring mill and CNC mill work.

We use state of the art equipment to ensure that your product is precise and machined exactly to specifications.

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Pattern Shop

Ultimate Casting & Machine LLC has an in-house pattern shop that produces high quality industrial patterns and core boxes.

Patterns can be produced from wood, foam, plastic, or metal. They can be constructed using either an existing part, sketch, prints or from digitally created sources.

Our Products

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Aluminum Alloys

  • A206
  • 319
  • 355
  • 356
  • Almay 535
  • Tenzaloy 713
  • 771
  • Aluminum heat treating available: T51, T6, T71
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Brass / Bronze

  • C83600 Red Brass
  • C90300 Navy G
  • C90700 Gear Bronze
  • C91100 Bearing Bronze
  • C93700 Tin Bronze
  • C93200 Bearing Bronze
  • C86500 Manganese Bronze
  • C92200 Navy M
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Copper Alloys

  • C81100 Hi Conductivity Copper
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Gray and Ductile Iron

  • CL-30 Iron
  • CL-40 Iron
  • 65-45-12 Ductile
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Many More!

We have access to other alloys as well. Please contact us to inquire.

About Ultimate Casting & Machine LLC

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Ultimate Casting & Machine LLC is a family owned and operated business that first began in Detroit in 1977. After establishing a a strong business in machining and casting, Ultimate Casting & Machine LLC moved to its current location in West Branch, Michigan in 1984. The foundry is still located in West Branch to this very day, and we provide our services locally, regionally and nationally.

Ultimate Casting & Machine LLC is a provider of high quality industrial patterns as well as a maker of top quality sand castings. We have in-house shops for all three of the important services: foundry, pattern shop and machine shop. Our 3-in-1 setup allows Ultimate Casting & Machine LLC to be hands on at every step form start to finish, ensuring that our customers only receive high quality parts with a faster delivery time and at a lower price.

Contact us today with any questions about what we do. We would love to hear from you!


   3977 M-30 ,
       West Branch, Michigan 48661
   Tel: 989-345-0025
   Email: info@ultimatecasting.com
   Website: www.ultimatecasting.com